February 2003

Listed below are just a few of the thousands of web sits related to the LDS church. Don’t be afraid to “surf” the internet to find even more sites. If you have any questions, send me an email or call me.
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Official LDS Web Site
This the official web site of the church and has a wealth of information available, including the full text of all the scriptures, conferences, Ensign, curriculum materials and much more. Most can be searched by keyword.

LDS Temples
Although there is a good site on the Official LDS page for temples, it does not have the dedicatory prayers. This one does.

Cyndi's List
Cyndi has assembled an amazing list of over 179,000 sites related to Family History and Genealogy!

Meridian Magazine
A very interesting online magazine from an LDS perspective.

Historical Documents
Want to find the full text of “Times and Seasons” or “Messenger and Advocate”? This is the place.

Nauvoo Expositor
The full text of the only issue of this paper printed before the presses were destroyed.

LDS Resources
This is one of many sites which lists other sites.

Links to Other Sites
And still another one.....