Mexican Riviera...November 2005....Click to Enlarge.


........I didn't take as many photos this time and some may not be as exciting to others as they are to Renee and I, but it was a great cruise! The photos will have some labels and will generally follow us as we cruised from Puerto Vallarta, to Mazatlan and finally to Cabo San Lucs where the snorkeling photos were taken. I took very few photos of the interior of the ship, so most of the interior shots were taken by a fellow traveler, Frank Ragalyi, who very kindly sent them to me so I could show you the elegance of the ship....

One of 5 pools onboard

Another view of pool

And another

Large church in city

Inside the church

Inside country church

Small home with transportation

Villiage home

Villiage kids

Cobblestone street





More Mazatlan

Indian performance

The pole is 80 feet high!!


Almost down!

They're down!

Renee and performer

This man is 77 years old!!

Cabo San Lucas

Our transportation into the town

These little water taxis are called tenders

And away we go!



Sea Lions

Our snorkel transportation

Fish and coral


Nope..just me!

Just a drill....

Lobby Bar

Elegant passageway

Entrance to Butterfly Lounge

Divid in Pink..(because of pink skylight)

Towel art from from steward

One of many beautiful starways on the ship

Paintings, sculptures, and murals are all over the ship

The beautiful Taj Mahal theatre

Entrance to our dininng room

Our dinner companions

Our waitreses dancing!

My new friends, from Poland and Lithuania